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Nurse leaders never fail to inspire me. In this column, I want to honor Allison, a young leader who is new to her role … Read more»
When Bonnie first started working with me 10 years ago, she had just accepted a new nursing leadership role. She was young and excited … Read more»
This Coaching Forum is about a dialogue I recently had with Antonia, a nurse leader who will turn 40 this year. Antonia shared that … Read more»

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Make your journey to leadership excellence. Master strategies of personal effectiveness. Bring forth the unique qualities of the valiant leader you have within you.

Today, healthcare professionals operate in a uniquely challenging environment. To excel, you need to leverage your experience and wisdom in ways that accelerate the process of providing excellent healthcare. At the Leadership Studio, we call this Leadership Valor™.

Our programs, developed through more than 25 years of working on the forefront of healthcare leadership, offer concrete processes and practices that will help you become a more inspired, purposeful, courageous, confident, and effective leader. The kind of leader you were born to be.

Are you ready?

Please contact us today to take the next step toward experiencing the leadership satisfaction that is possible when you lead valiantly.


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