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For the past month during the COVID crisis, I have been convening groups of nurses to offer them a safe haven – for at … Read more»
As an executive and leadership coach, I am frequently told about nurses’ experiences at the helm. Sometimes these are inspired tales of persistence and … Read more»
Recently, I learned about 2 successful leaders whose stories contain lessons for us all. The first is Rosie, a well-regarded nurse leader and “star” … Read more»

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Today all individuals, including healthcare professionals, operate in a uniquely challenging environment. To excel, we all need to leverage our self-awareness, experience, and wisdom so we can live wisely while providing excellent strategic guidance. The Leadership Studio’s coaching partnerships with individuals and teams are based on extensive leadership and Enneagram related training, as well as 25 years of working in senior leadership roles on the forefront of healthcare. We offer concrete processes, psychometrically sound assessments, and proven practices that will help you become a more inspired, purposeful, courageous, confident, and personally aware individual and leader.

When you work with The Leadership Studio and Catherine Robinson-Walker, you will:

  • Enhance your strengths, understand your patterns, and be well prepared to meet your challenges.
  • Build greater skill in relating to those you influence.
  • Master strategies for personal and professional effectiveness.
  • Enliven what has heart and meaning for you.