The 70% Team

Recently, I was invited to work with a team of directors of clinical services in a successful, medium-sized health system.When I met with these nine leaders for the first time, I was impressed by each member’s apparent competence and commitment. Despite their individual strengths, however, their results as a team were seriously lacking.

I was called in by the team leader to explore why the team was not performing well.Their individual assets suggested that they could be an excellent team, but by their own admission, they were not. Just one example was their ability to devise great team strategies when they were together but their failure to execute these strategies
when they were apart. Once their meetings were over, each team member returned to her own department and ran her own show without regard for their collective decisions.The team members and others came to understand that their word—as a team—was not to be trusted in their own group or by others in the hospital…Read The Full Article

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