Make the Most of Coaching

How many times have you been excited about fresh learning and spot-on insights, only to return to the harsh reality of the old problems you left behind? How many times have too much work and a demanding personal life quickly … Read more»

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Leverage Your Runway

Maya is a skilled nurse leader with a substantial role in a hospital that is part of a large mul­tistate health system. She is also a young mother with 2 children under the age of 10. Maya’s hus­band has a … Read more»

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No Easy Answers

How many of us “do right” by our leader­ship roles? By that I mean that we take our jobs seriously, we are sufficiently skilled, we take care of ourselves, and we attend to our own continuous learning. My long-time partnership … Read more»

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Managing Our Triggers

Casey is a nurse manager who enjoys and is fully committed to her profession. Like her peers, Casey has a lot of responsibility, and she does not take her duties or her career potential lightly. She has solid educational preparation … Read more»

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Learning Spirals

What type of learner are you? When you are being educated about leadership, do you take in knowledge quickly? Do you easily incorporate new information and practices into your routine? Or do you learn more gradually, encountering key teachings more … Read more»

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