The Challenges of Being New

In her seminal work From Novice to Expert, Patricia Benner, RN, PhD,1 applied the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition to the development of clinical nursing practice. I believe that much of the Dreyfus Model can be applied to the development of new nurse managers and leaders, as well. Benner and Dreyfus teach us that when
we are either novices or advanced beginners, we need:

  • The direction of others more experienced than we are.
  • The opportunity to observe and receive support from good role models.
  • Understanding regarding the “state” we are in. That is, as novices, much of our focus may be on ourselves and how we are performing in addition to the outcomes we are achieving.

As novices and advanced beginners, new leaders can be nervous about their roles and how they are faring. When they do not experience ample support, they may be at risk. Without solid backup, they may not last, let alone excel in their new positions…Read The Full Article

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