Thank you!

Last week, I saw the hashtag #LeadingValiantly displayed all over Twitter as people helped share messages that resonated with them. Each time someone made the effort to share, I was reminded that strong community connections help all of us grow.


Face to face and virtual communities are great sources of learning and inspiration. Over the last few days, those who have used their social media space for sharing messages from Leading Valiantly have inspired and encouraged me.

Today I would like to acknowledge you and everyone who has taken the time to spread the word about the book.  The “team” includes those who have left reviews of Leading Valiantly on Goodreads, like Rebecca did. Or people like Andy, who shared his thoughts about ”Leading Valiantly” on his blog.   It also includes people like Betty who published a very thoughtful review in Nursing Administration Quarterly.

In addition to the numerous tweets that went out last week, several folks took the time to post new reviews on Amazon (see what Jennifer, Marcia, Paul, and Katherine V. had to say), and I appreciate that very much!

I am grateful for everyone who has let me know – and others know – that Leading Valiantly is making a difference to them and to their teams. That was my hope when I wrote the book, and now my hope is that, together, we will continue to learn and grow as courageous, congruent, full-bodied – and valiant – leaders.

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