Developing Others in Challenging Times

The Nurse Leader editorial board, editor in chief, and I extend our sincere thanks to the many readers who submitted inquiries to “The Coaching Forum” during the 2007 AONE annual meeting in Washington, DC. A central concern emerged from your questions: what are the best ways to develop others when time is limited, your responsibilities are great, and the circumstances are taxing? While difficult organizational realities are
here to stay, there are simple strategies that can help you grow other people, even in demanding times. Here are four suggestions:

  • Ask questions that inspire listenergenerated solutions instead of automatically providing your own best answers.
  • Determine your part of the responsibility for your subordinates’ behavior.
  • Evaluate the “readiness” of your subordinates to grow, change, and learn to do things differently, and if they are not ready, help them prepare.
  • Assess your own readiness to take on the task of developing others, even in challenging situations. If you are not ready, what do you need to become ready?

These strategies can be used in most developmental conversations…Read The Full Article

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