Diminished Returns

We usually think of a strong commitment to work as a positive attribute for leaders, but this column offers a story of two nurse leaders whose intense dedication to their work is actually hurting their performance and rendering them ineffective. Martha is a nurse leader in a large national organization, and she is experiencing a great deal of difficulty in her new role. She has angry outbursts with colleagues, and she does not see eye to eye with the chief executive officer (CEO). She believes another member of the senior team is “out to get her,” and she has examples that “prove” that this is true. Although her CEO still hopes that Martha will succeed in her role, he has insisted that she retain an executive coach to give her a boost.

Gloria is the CEO of a complex healthcare organization, and she, too, is having trouble on the job. Unlike Martha, Gloria has been in her role for many years. Gradually, she has grown frustrated with the board of directors. Despite her consistent efforts to offer “a better way,” they are moving the organization forward in ways that she does not completely support…Read The Full Article

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