The Dream Beneath the Dream

Kimberly was a successful service line director in a mid-sized medical center. The chief nursing officer (CNO) recently submitted her resignation after a lengthy tenure, and Kimberly was interested in her position. She had long felt that the CNO had retired on the job. Although the CNO was well liked in the organization, Kimberly was frustrated with her leadership, believing she herself was highly qualified and ready to take over. As Kimberly saw it, she had successfully implemented many new initiatives, was well regarded within the hospital, and deserved to be the CNO. She was eager to roll up her sleeves and do whatever was necessary to obtain the job.

As Kimberly put together her plan to become CNO, it became clear that many factors would influence her fate, including how her peers, bosses, and direct reports viewed her achievements and personal qualities as a leader. To begin, Kimberly created a detailed account of her accomplishments in the organization. At the same time, she considered the potential challenges she could face. To learn what others thought and to discover any barriers they might present, she initiated confidential one-on-one conversations about her candidacy. She spoke with the CNO and others on her team, and she also met with other peers and people who reported to her…Read The Full Article

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