Emotional Intelligence and Performace Management

Laurie is challenged with finding and keeping good managers. As a vice president of a community health system, she understands the critical importance of this leadership function. Yet, despite her other strengths, Laurie is consistently unable to groom, guide, and evoke the best from the gifted nurses who report to her. Laurie knows that this personal challenge poses a serious threat to her future success, and she wants to tackle the problem with a fresh approach. Specifically, she wants to know how to deal with her concerns about Marita’s performance. Marita is a nurse leader who Laurie admired enough to hire and relocate after an extensive search. At the time, Laurie described Marita as the perfect fit for the position.

Now it is 2 years later, and Laurie sees thingsvery differently. She is no longer sure Marita is going to make it. Since it is Laurie’s practice for direct reports to complete their own performance reviews before they meet, Laurie knows that Marita gives herself high ratings…Read The Full Article

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