Being Too Good

Karin is a department head in a major metropolitan medical center, and she brings a wealth of unique and valuable experience to her position. She is about 2 years from retirement. Karin elected to meet with me while I was working in another part of her hospital.We had about an hour together, and in that hour, she laid out the everyday experience of her job. When she arrived, she looked upset and quite tired.As we talked, she veered toward tears several times. Karin described her work life as excessively stressful, demanding, and exhausting. She said she had no time to think or to plan and that she was working far too much. She described lengthy workdays and weekends in the hospital at least three times per month.With some pride, she said things had improved because she used to work every weekend.

When I asked her what prompted her to work so much, she cited several reasons, including uncertainty in the environment, concern about her personal finances, and the fact that her manager works this much.When I inquired further about her boss, she offered ample evidence that, indeed, the CNO seemed to work as much or more than Karin. In Karin’s mind, her manager’s behavior sent her an unequivocal message: being on the job this much was expected and not negotiable…Read The Full Article

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