Is Competence Enough?

I have been traveling a lot lately and, everywhere I go, I am in circles that are dealing with the serious challenges of healthcare reform. While there are opportunities ahead, right now, many in healthcare are experiencing the stresses of creating, implementing, or being affected by a lot of change. Sometimes managers and leaders are dealing with all three.

I have no doubt that our leaders are up to this task. My time in this field has taught me that we have a leadership “force” that is dedicated beyond measure. I don’t know any leader who shirks on the requirements of continuing licensure and professional development.

unbranded-leading-valiantly-7But is competence enough right now? I don’t think so. Doing the job of successfully leading significant change takes a lot more than technical prowess. It also takes presence, resilience, perseverance and what I call valor. Valor is not just about being courageous; it is also about leading with integrity. It is about being willing to make mistakes, to own those mistakes, and to get back on course with more commitment than ever. Leading valiantly is about courageously doing what is right, even when it is very difficult.

Leading with valor means staying true to ourselves and the imperatives of the times—being aware of and focused on our own values and the values of the organization in which we are working. It takes standing in our true power—not just the power that comes from position, but the power that comes from a deep knowledge of who we are, what we are about, and what we are offering to our world. For many of us in healthcare, what we offer is our dedication to healing and well-being. When we lead with valor, we stand in and lead from this dedication, no matter what position we hold.

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