Leading with Mastery and Heart

The Coaching Companion for Thriving Nurse Leaders

Leading with Mastery and Heart: The Coaching Companion for Thriving Nurse Leaders offers a fresh approach and on-the-spot coaching for nurses who lead.   Catherine Robinson-Walker has revised and organized this Collection of her featured “Nurse Leader” columns so they form a “just in time” (vs. “just in case”) leadership development pathway.  “Leading with Mastery and Heart” can be read from beginning to end, or opened anywhere to a topic that’s compelling.

Each chapter reflects Catherine’s relaxed, relatable writing style and each addresses a specific – and all too common – leadership challenge. Just a few of the salient topics covered in this Collection are:

  • How to stay centered and positive in the midst of highly stressful situations.
  • How to manage resistance and negativity.
  • How to provide genuine inspiration along with direction.
  • How to combat limiting circumstances and beliefs.

With its time-tested, real-world advice, Leading with Mastery and Heart: The Coaching Companion for Thriving Nurse Leaders is written for any leader – especially those who are current or aspiring nurse managers or executives – looking to quickly and effectively hone their leadership skills.

Author Proceeds

To demonstrate Catherine’s lifelong support for nursing leaders, she is donating all author proceeds from the sale of “Leading with Mastery and Heart” to the American Organization for Nursing Leadership Foundation.

Key Features

  • Well-organized Collection of over 60 columns on leadership excellence covering topics such as:
        • the challenges of being new on the job
        • what change really means
        • managing resistance
        • developing others in challenging times
        • coaching your boss
  • Practical advice based on real circumstances in real healthcare organizations, offering true to life examples and successful solutions that apply to nurses and nurse leaders at all levels.
  • Emphasis on self-awareness reflecting the extensive research validating that the more self-aware we are, the better leaders we become.
  • Concrete and immediate solutions providing uncommon insight and guidance for even the most intractable challenges.

Praise for “Leading with Mastery and Heart”

“What a gift of wisdom and experience is reflected in this book. Its content remains both relevant and timeless for leaders at every place in the health system. For me, every chapter reads like a mini-retreat, providing an opportunity for deeper reflection and application. It is one of my  “go-to” resources, as I believe it should be for every leader!”

  • ~ Tim Porter-O’Grady, DM, EdD, APRN, FAAN, FACCWS
  • Senior Partner, Health Systems, TPOG Associates, Inc.
  • Clinical Professor, Dean’s Advisory Board, School of Nursing, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
  • Chair of the Board, American Nurses Foundation