Managing by Accident

Consider your team for a moment. Whether you are the nurse leader, a team supervisor, or a team member, think about how the nurse manager (you?) became the nurse manager. Did you or she have a plan to move into that role? Or did you arrive in the job by accident? Now, consider other nurse managers you know. How did they arrive in those positions? Did they carefully guide their careers to this destination?

If the Coaching Forum were interactive, we could take a real-time poll of your answers. But it is not interactive, so I’m going to make an educated guess about what such a poll might reveal. We would probably learn that many nurse managers take on the role without a plan to become a manager. In fact, many managers might have had absolutely no interest. They might say something like this direct quote from an accidental manager, “One day I was asked if I would take this job temporarily…Read The Full Article

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