Managing an Exit

This is a story about “Bonnie,” a “Coaching Forum” reader who generously offered her experience as a follow-up to my October 2010 column, “Know When to Go.” That column prompted a number of readers to share the journeys they took when they were deciding to leave their positions. Here, Bonnie’s story is disguised to protect her identity. We both hope her experience will benefit readers who leave their positions of their own accord.

Bonnie is a nurse leader who excelled in her institution and in her role for many years. She brought resources to her department, she received recognition for her professional contributions to the field and for the achievements she and her team accomplished. Not long ago, she began to seriously consider her future. After much thought and conversation with her family, she decided that it was time to leave her job. She did not wish to depart the organization altogether, but she did want to make a change that would free her from the time commitments of her position…Read The Full Article

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