Managing an Onslaught of Change

Is there such a thing as too much change? Many of us would say yes. So what? Nurse leaders at all levels of a system must manage the amount of organizational change that is present, whether we think it is too much or not. Recently, I was asked to work with a team of exceptional nurse leaders who are experiencing many significant changes in their organization. These changes included some they could control and some that were uninvited and beyond their control, such as moving into a new facility, preparing for critical recertification visits, and implementing numerous staff changes and promotions.

To add to their already full plates, their chief nursing officer (CNO) recently resigned to pursue an outstanding opportunity. The remaining team members understood and supported that decision; most believed that they were well prepared to move ahead, even though the CNO had been a significant contributor to their organization’s success. Still, they had a lot of feelings about the loss of their leader. They also felt anxious about who their new boss would be and what additional changes she or he would initiate…Read The Full Article

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