Maximizing the Potential of Place

If you watched the 2015 Academy Awards, you heard several winners use the power of the podium to comment on social causes. If you are on Twitter and Facebook and other social media, you know that tens of thousands of related commentaries followed.

The Academy Awards presenters were using the power of place to amplify their points of view. The countless follow up interpretations were testaments to the power of the podium and the presenters who used it.

But, this post isn’t about the Academy Awards or who said what. It’s not even about noticing that the winners took their moment in the sun to talk about their passions. Instead, it’s a call for all of us to notice that they maximized the potential of place. They stood on a stage in front of more than a billion people (!) and they made the most of it.

While we may never have a stage that touches so many, we can be strategic about maximizing the potential of the stages we do have. In his Star Thrower video “Everyday Creativity”, DeWitt Jones invites us all to put ourselves “in the place of most potential”. As you consider your leadership life – and the rest of your life – ask yourself whether you spend your time in places that provide you fertile ground? Do your activities and people you surround yourself with provide support for what you most want to achieve in your leadership life – and the rest of your life?

If you’re not sure, please think about this question. Don’t just think about it today. Think about it regularly. And, if you don’t get the answers you want, adjust what’s not supporting you. When you next take the stage, make sure it’s the one that best supports you and your finest leadership.

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