Meet the New Boss

Some years ago, the rock group The Who immortalized the line “Meet the new boss… same as the old boss.”1 Originally, these words symbolized the disappointment of a generation seeking but not finding large-scale change. Now, however, the prospect of no change is comforting to LuAnn, a seasoned vice president in a large health system on the West Coast.

Like many health care leaders, LuAnn is facing undefined, but certain, future budget constraints as her organization prepare for health care reform. She also has another challenge: her chief executive officer (CEO) is leaving. The current CEO brought her aboard, and he has championed her many successes during her 15-year tenure. LuAnn is a nurse in her mid 50s. She anticipates working at least another decade; she loves her work, and she have planned to retire from her current position…Read The Full Article

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