The Reluctant Leader

It never fails. When I teach aspiring nurse leaders about leadership and coaching, no matter what the setting, there are charge nurses and managers who say they don’t want their supervisors’ positions. What about you? Does anyone want your job? Of course, leadership roles are not for everyone. Still, there are too many qualified
nurses who are reluctant to pursue leadership roles. How do we address this issue? I know you share concern about developing future nurse leaders because of the many queries you submitted to the Coaching Forum after our last issue. Here are just a few examples:

  • How do we ensure competency as we bring people forward?
  • How do we encourage aspiring nurse leaders to challenge physicians when it is in the best interest of patient care?
  • How do we prepare staff for leadership positions? What are some strategies to help them with the transition? What if they do not want these roles?

Succession planning is clearly on your minds. You face the nursing shortage and the broader demographic challenges of today’s workforce. You are keenly aware of the important task of replacing yourselves…Read The Full Article

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