Right Sizing: Honing Our Own Leadership Presence

There is something exceptional about Grace. She is a nurse executive with whom I have worked for several years, and recently she was promoted to the CEO role. Grace was somewhat taken aback by her colleagues’ choice. Her surprise was not an expression of immodest (and perhaps false) humility. Rather, it was a statement of curiosity—what led the leaders of this esteemed tertiary facility to select her?

Although Grace was a bit startled, I was not. As her leadership coach, I have seen examples of her potent ability on many occasions, and I’d like to share her approach with you. I am convinced that the essence of Grace’s leadership strength is available to each of us. No matter what our roles, all of us possess the capacity that she has truly mastered. I call it her leadership presence. What does leadership presence mean? For Grace, it means that she is aware of herself as a powerful individual, and she is intentional about continuing to understand her strengths, challenges, and influence as a leader…Read The Full Article

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