Shining Eyes

Just before we boarded the plane for our Midwest destination, my colleague and I received the news: the 3-day retreat we were about to convene might be cancelled. The chief nursing officer (CNO) who hired us had heard rumors that her team was not going to come, despite her careful planning. We didn’t take it personally; she hadn’t given them any details about the offsite session. But she had indicated it was an opportunity to deepen their leadership skills and their cohesion as a team.

The CNO (Rhoda) was newly promoted to her position in this health system that had changed ownership, replaced the entire management team, and implement new organizational processes all in rapid order. Rhoda had planned this offsite to support and bolster her team of 25 nurses and their managers. She was acutely aware that the team had absorbed and endured the organization’s many changes, most of which were beyond their control. Although Rhoda expressed compassion for that experience, she was also concerned about their lack of ownership of their actions, their behaviors on the job, and the potential consequences to patient well-being…Read The Full Article

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