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Who’s Working Harder?

Not long ago I was working with Nell, a nurse leader who was challenged with managing one of her direct reports. Nell is a competent executive whose skill and expertise contribute mightily to her organization’s success. But like all of … Read more»

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Blind Spots and Valor

What do blind spots have to do with leading with valor? On paper, these two ideas may not seem to fit together, but I just witnessed an inspiring example of just how congruent they are. Recently, a prominent leader in … Read more»

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It’s just a job….

In the movie “Promised Land” the character played by Frances McDormand justifies her actions by saying that, “it’s just a job.” Is that how most of us feel about our roles in healthcare? I don’t think so. There’s no question … Read more»

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Easier Said Than Done

“Just let go of old behavior and attitudes when they’re not working and try something new.” That should be easy, right? Well, maybe it should be easy, but for most of us, it isn’t. Many of us have lots of learning, … Read more»

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