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Keeping Expectations in Check

(This article was originally published by Elsevier in Nurse Leader). Most of us know that there is a time and place for well-crafted expectations. For example, clear expectations are necessary components for leading a successful team. When the manager shares … Read more»

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Leadership and Joy

(This article was originally published in the February 2014 issue of Nurse Leader.) If you were asked whether it’s important to feel and convey a measure of joy in your work, you would probably say yes. “Measure of joy” does not … Read more»

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Thank you!

Last week, I saw the hashtag #LeadingValiantly displayed all over Twitter as people helped share messages that resonated with them. Each time someone made the effort to share, I was reminded that strong community connections help all of us grow. … Read more»

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How Can it be Wrong to be Right?

How did you get your job? Most of us who lead got to where we are by being competent, by working hard, and by working smart. Even if we acknowledge that our good fortune has been aided by some good luck, … Read more»

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