Turbulence Strikes: Whose Mask Goes on First?

A hospital in which I have spent a lot of time is undergoing major funding cuts.This community resource is part of a small health system, and it has earned a great reputation, especially recent years.Today, its leaders are making every effort to maintain its quality of care while taking anything remotely “excessive” out of its budget.

I have worked with many of this organization’s nursing leaders, and I can attest to their skill, persistence, and commitment to doing their very best work.They are an impressive group. Much as I would like to attribute their fine contributions to their innate leadership knowledge or even wisdom they have enhanced as a result of our work together, I believe that the largest portion of their success is due to another factor altogether. Their CNO is a fantastic role model. Before I even met Courtney, I knew this about her. I could tell by the way people talked about her…Read The Full Article

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