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Leading Valiantly in Healthcare – Four Steps to Sustainable Success

What is a valiant leader?

Why is leading valiantly so critical in today’s healthcare organizations?

How can you bring forth the qualities of a valiant leader that are already within you?

As society’s need for healthcare grows, so does the demand for leaders who can operate with a full range of effectiveness, skill, and focus. Leaders who can achieve better outcomes for less cost. People who can lead valiantly.

Leading Valiantly in Healthcare provides a successful approach for healthcare leaders at all levels to grow into successful, resilient leaders, capable of addressing the most pressing problems and accelerating the process of providing excellent healthcare.

Inspired by real-life examples drawn from over 25-years of healthcare leadership expertise, author Catherine Robinson-Walker teaches you how to transform yourself and your personal leadership style in order to inspire others and lead with character and grace.

Learn how to become more skilled, more grounded, more courageous, more effective.

Leading Valiantly is derived from Robinson-Walker’s Cycle of Leadership Valor™, which is based on her work with more than 3,000 healthcare leaders. The book offers you an invitation to see yourself in its stories and its reflections. It describes and calls forth what is brave and valiant in you already. Its practices, exercises, and wisdom offer you an approach to become more conscious of, and more satisfied with, your leadership choices. It presents a strategy that you can modify, make your own, and sustain so you can become a master of Leadership Valor.

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