Leader Retreats


Is your healthcare team or organization ready to step away from the routine and experience the benefits of valiant leadership?

More success. Greater resilience. Less stress. Better results. These are just some of the benefits that teams and organizations experience through their work with The Leadership Studio. Our coaching and retreat services offerings include:

  • Stepping Into, Creating, and Sustaining Valiant Leadership
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • Using 360 Feedback for Greater Effectiveness and Success
  • Assessing and Renewing Your Team

“I was honored to participate in Cathy’s ‘Leading with Valor’ workshop at our health care professional association’s annual retreat. Her workshop stimulated deeper reflection, awareness, and conversation, and added a whole new dimension to every attendee’s personal and professional growth.”
Terri Moss, Past President, Consultants Health Care Consortium, Owner, Moss Communications

We are also certified in a variety of assessments tools and resources. These can be incorporated into your retreat to provide feedback and focused solutions that address your team’s concerns. Each of our engagements is customized to provide solutions for your organization’s specific needs, and our contracts vary in length, depending upon those needs.

For further information about team coaching, retreat and assessment services, please contact us to discuss your interests and needs.