Workshops & Virtual Learning


Would you like the opportunity to share your journey of valiant leadership with a group of dynamic, like-minded peers?

Healthcare leaders who have participated in The Leadership Studio’s programs are some of the most well-intended, courageous, integrity-filled, and valiant stewards of our system of care.

Together, they make up a community of visionaries who aspire to Leadership Valor™. These leaders are finding within themselves the capacity to inspire and motivate their teams, colleagues, and organizations. They are also interested in learning from and sharing ideas with others.

To facilitate this interaction, Catherine Robinson-Walker, president of The Leadership Studio, is leading an ongoing series of live, web-based coaching sessions, workshops, and facilitated virtual conversations, on a regular basis. These provide a forum for you to share, discuss, and learn more about the challenges and opportunities of Valiant Leadership with like-minded peers, in an atmosphere of trust and respect. To learn more, please contact us today.