Who We Work With

As society’s need for intelligent stewardship grows, so does the demand for leaders who can operate with a full complement of skill, focus, and self-understanding.

To excel in this challenging environment, you need to know how to leverage your talents – and your challenges – in ways that accelerate your learning and growth, and learning and growth for others. At The Leadership Studio, we draw on our extensive coaching experience to support leaders who are ready to enhance and polish what is serving them well, and discover and transform what is not working in their lives.

We’ll show you how to make the journey to become the person and leader you are capable of being.  We’ll work with you as you master strategies of greater effectiveness based on enhanced self-knowledge and reduced reactivity. We’ll support you as you bring forth the unique qualities of the valiant, potent, and masterful leader you can become.

We specialize in working with:

  • Individuals who are committed to change, and willing to transform their approach to their lives and leadership.
  • Nurse Leaders who strive to become more masterful, confident, and courageous leaders.
  • Teams with a passion for improving their performance and their relationships.

We offer a range of processes and programs to support you and/or your team on your journey. We believe in the power of the Enneagram to quickly bring areas of needed change into focus.  Whether you’re looking for a team/group engagement or one-on-one coaching, we will use the Enneagram to customize our resources to fit your needs, help you lead more masterfully, and focus on what has heart and meaning. Please click below to learn more.