Individual Executives & Leaders

Leading in today’s healthcare sector means dealing with ambiguity and complexity. Just a few examples are the ubiquitous rifts or divisions between management and staff, and the unrelenting pressure to provide better quality care for less.

At The Leadership Studio, we’ve been helping successful leaders navigate the changing waters of healthcare for more than twenty-five years. Over that time, we developed an exclusive leadership effectiveness model called the Cycle of Leadership Valor™Also, we have become skilled and certified multiple times in working with the Enneagram as a means to understand personality challenges and adopt masterful ways forward.

In early 2020, our new book, “Leading with Mastery and Heart” was published by Elsevier.  This is Catherine Robinson-Walker’s third book and it frames, distills, and reflects what inspired executives and leaders like you do when you are at your best. It offers concrete steps and sustainable practices that enable you to increase your personal capacity to achieve better and better results.

It is our highest aim to partner with you as trusted advisors, deep listeners, skilled guides, and consistent sources of respectful support, challenge, and inspiration.

We offer a range of processes and programs to support you on your journey to leadership excellence.