Nurse Leaders

At The Leadership Studio, we have a special passion for working with nurse leaders. Our founder and president, Catherine Robinson-Walker, has worked closely with nurse leaders throughout her career. During that time, she has co-created seminal leadership development programs for nurses, including:

Catherine is pointing to the display of Florence Nightingale’s artifacts – before the London Museum was built.

  • The Florence Nightingale Museum of Nursing – a ten day inaugural leadership program to launch the Florence Nightingale Museum of Nursing building campaign, in London, England.
  • The Center for Nursing Leadership Program – a year long program developed in collaboration with the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (formerly the American Organization of Nurse Executives).
  • The Network Institute for Patient Care Executives – a week-long program held at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • The Executive Coaching Resource Center – an online coaching resource center for members of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (formerly AONE).
  • The Executive Coaching Service – sponsored and funded by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

For most nurse leaders, providing high-quality healthcare day in and day out is a calling of the soul. It’s about fulfilling a critical social need and compelling personal imperative – all while trying to manage many priories and work/life balance.

This means nurse leaders need more than exceptional dedication and perseverance. They must stand up for themselves and their commitments on a regular basis; they must know what holds heart and meaning for them; and they must be masterful as they navigate their many responsibilities.

At The Leadership Studio, we’ve been partnering with successful nurse leaders for many years. We offer a range of engaging, results-oriented services to meet the needs and challenges of today’s nurse leaders and managers.

Our services begin with administering a psychometrically proven and reliable Enneagram assessment for yourself and/or your team.  From there we partner with you to:

  • Be prepared to fully engage, even when the road ahead is not clear.
  • Consider your options rather than responding reactively and/or automatically to demanding situations.
  • Move beyond barriers and roadblocks and let go of counterproductive behaviors and attitudes.
  • Tune into yourself when your results are not what you want or when the stakes are high.
  • Make and implement conscious, sometimes difficult, choices.
  • Adjust course as needed, even when doing so is problematic.
  • Access the leadership assets that are already within you.

We offer a range of processes and programs to support you on your journey to leadership excellence.