Nurse Leaders


Are you committed to achieve your maximum potential and lead with courage, wisdom and skill?

For most nurse leaders, providing high-quality healthcare day in and day out is a calling of the soul. It’s about fulfilling a critical social need and compelling personal imperative. All while trying to manage many priories and work/life balance.

This means nurse leaders need more than exceptional dedication, and perseverance. They must stand up for themselves and their commitments on a regular basis. They must lead “valiantly”.

At The Leadership Studio, we’ve been helping successful leaders navigate the changing waters of healthcare for more than twenty-five years. We offer a range of engaging, results-oriented services to meet the needs and challenges of today’s nurse leaders and managers. We use an exclusive leadership model called the Cycle of Leadership Valor™.

How you’ll benefit from our proven leadership model.

The Cycle of Leadership Valor frames, distills, and reflects what inspired nurse leaders like you do when you are at your best. It offers concrete steps and sustainable practices that enable you to increase your personal capacity to achieve better and better results. We partner with you on this journey, as a trusted advisor, a deep listener. A source of support, respectful challenge, and inspiration.

Using the principles of Leadership Valor, you will be grounded enough to:

  • Consider the options rather than responding automatically to demanding situations
  • Move beyond barriers and roadblocks and let go of counterproductive behaviors and attitudes
  • Tune into yourself when your results are not what you want or when the stakes are high
  • Be ready to fully engage even when the road ahead is not clear
  • Make and implement conscious, sometimes difficult, choices
  • Adjust course as needed, even when doing so is problematic
  • Access the leadership assets that are already within you

Work with us the way that works best for you.

We offer a range of processes and programs to support you on your journey to leadership excellence.

Our commitment to Nurse Leaders.

At The Leadership Studio, we have a special passion for working with nurse leaders. Our founder and president Catherine Robinson-Walker has worked closely with nurse leaders for over 30 years. During that time, she has co-created seminal leadership development programs for nurses, including:

  • The Florence Nightingale Museum of Nursing – a ten day inaugural leadership program to launch the Florence Nightingale Museum of Nursing building campaign, in London, England
  • The Center for Nursing Leadership Program – a year long program developed in collaboration with the American Organization of Nurse Executives
  • The Network Institute for Patient Care Executives – a week-long program held at the University of California Berkeley