Why The Leadership Studio?


Deep healthcare industry experience.

A model that builds on and strengthens the leadership strengths already within you.

A track record of significant, sustainable success.

Over the course of 25 years, The Leadership Studio’s president, Catherine Robinson-Walker, has helped more than 3000 healthcare leaders make the journey to leadership excellence – showing them how to develop and sustain their own brand of Leadership Valor™.

Our proven leadership model, Cycle of Leadership Valor, frames, distills, and reflects what inspired executives and leaders like you do when you are at your best. It offers concrete steps and sustainable practices that enable you to increase your personal capacity to achieve better and better results.

Why is it called a “studio”?

Our approach creates a “studio environment” where you can embrace the opportunity to candidly reflect, innovate and experiment. As you practice and enhance your leadership skills, we partner with you as a trusted advisor, a deep listener. A source of support, respectful challenge, and inspiration.

We’ll help you gain:

  • A stronger sense of who you can be and often are: a courageous, integrity-filled, and valiant steward of our system of care.
  • A series of concrete steps and practices that will allow you to claim your own version of Leadership Valor™ and sustain it with efficacy, personal satisfaction, and solace.
  • A new way of thinking about how you engage as a leader: one that builds on the strengths you already possess; one that is both feasible and easy to remember.
  • Hope, access to, and greater ease with your sense of self, and the leadership assets that are already within you.