How We Work

What are your leadership goals? Are you interested in knowing more about what motivates you and drives you – consciously, and perhaps unconsciously?  Honing your individual skills? Or improving the cohesion of your team? We’ll conduct an initial phone consultation with you to explore your objectives, concerns, and possible next steps.

There is never a charge for this initial consultation by phone. Even if you decide that The Leadership Studio is not in a position to assist you, there is still no charge for this first conversation.

The Leadership Studio consults, coaches, and conducts leadership enrichment services virtually or on-site. Frequently, we combine face-to-face work with virtual meetings, using the technology that best supports our work together.

Having pioneered some of the earliest learning communities using virtual technology, The Leadership Studio is highly skilled in cyber facilitation and producing results from afar.

  • We start with the premise and firm belief that you already have the solutions and the resources to lead masterfully. You may simply need some guidance to uncover what’s in the way.
  • We are committed to partnering with you to implement solutions that are likely to be successful.
  • We work with you to determine the outcomes that are most important to you, and we work with you while you achieve them.
  • We believe that no coaching, consulting, diagnostic assessment service or other engagement can be effective unless every client is willing to fulfill his or her own (mutually agreed) roles and responsibilities. Our goal is for you, not The Leadership Studio, to own your solutions and achievements.
  • We have a track record of accomplishment with many individuals and teams, as well as many large and/or complex organizations throughout the country.